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Cosmo Goodness Sdn Bhd


Despite the convenience that has become a hallmark of modern life, we are faced with a staggering number of symptoms and ailments believed to be caused by stress, fatigue, and an imbalanced diet. When in poor health, we feel an indescribable discomfort and it becomes more difficult to enjoy each day. To those suffering from anxieties caused by these symptoms, Cosmo Dr. provides high-performance home medical devices researched and developed in line with our belief that “a healthy body begins with healthy blood”. Just by sitting down, you can relieve the symptoms of headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, and chronic constipation and feel relaxed. If you are looking for a more active and healthy lifestyle, we confidently recommend Cosmo Dr.

1 job fromCosmo Goodness Sdn Bhd

Sales Executive

Junior Executive
1-2 years
MYR 1,500.00 - MYR 3,000.00